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Elevate Your Home With Custom Residential Construction

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cmbuilders is your top choice for residential construction on homes and apartments. We have over two decades of experience executing construction projects of all scopes, from remodeling to large-scale building projects. Our background allows us to work with homeowners as well as larger-scale projects with real estate companies. We ensure the flawless execution of your upcoming construction projects in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas.

Custom Ground-Up Construction for Las Vegas, NV, Clients

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Our ground-up construction services can bring your custom home to life. We have a construction management team that can handle every aspect of the build, from the planning phase to finalizing construction. When you hire us for construction from the ground up, we oversee every aspect of the project and ensure it is delivered on time and within budget. We start with pre-construction, a process that ensures we are on the right track and can ultimately save time and money by preventing mistakes and delays.

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Customize and Upgrade Your Property With Home Remodeling

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Our home remodeling services help you transform your home into a space that better suits your lifestyle. With our skilled construction team, we make your design ideas into reality, achieving results that increase the functionality and visual appeal of your home. 


If you are seeking remodeling services as a realtor, real estate company, or other professional, we can focus on cost-effective solutions that boost property value and curb appeal. In addition to houses, we work on condos and apartments as well.

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