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three construction engineers working outdoors in construction site with blueprint on table

Ensure a Smooth Process With Preconstruction and General Contracting

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At cmbuilders, we have decades of experience planning and executing construction projects. Our team understands that pre-construction is essential to set the stage for the rest of the project, ensuring a seamless project flow.

Seamlessly Transition From Site Development to Project Implementation

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Pre-construction lays the groundwork for the rest of a project by defining its desired outcome, creating cost estimates, a timeline, and more. This process creates a clear path for construction and cuts down on roadblocks and unexpected delays. 


We provide value engineering and permit acquisition ahead of time to ensure a smooth construction journey. We also provide site landscape development, such as removing landscaping or adding features. 


At cmbuilders, we partner with companies from all industries to ensure the success of their construction projects. Pre-construction services include all the necessary preparation for large construction projects, and we maintain consistent communication with our clients.

Rely on Our General Contracting Team for Construction Projects

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When you have a large construction project, it’s essential to hire the right team. An experienced general contracting company oversees your project and all the details involved, keeping you informed as things develop. Our proven track record and commitment to quality sets us apart as the top choice for contracting work in the Las Vegas, NV, area.

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Construction Workers

Your Go-To Commercial General Contractor

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Our company has general contractor insurance to safeguard projects from the risks that come with construction. We strive to provide client assurance and support in every way possible. cmbuilders ensures the safety of our contracting services for the benefit of our local clients.

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